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Naturally crafted and handmade plant-based preparations for all

Coming in 2023

Aiming to complement and support its massage therapies, Kůra Růka‘s natural herbal preparations are carefully and humbly crafted, born from the synergistic union of the healing essence, properties, and wisdom of plants offered by Mother Nature. Most of the ingredients used are sourced or grown locally in Penang, Malaysia, allowing Raphaël to have a better control over the making process, with a focus on quality and freshness. Attuned with her elements and forces, those preparations bring a soothing and comforting presence to those who use them in their daily life. They stand as a precious help in revitalizing, detoxifying, and easing the body while rebalancing its subtle energies. Kůra Růka’s nourishing and calming herbal preparations are available in three unique offerings to better accommodate the needs and situation of each individual. All are elaborated without the use of chemical additives and come in minimalist, eco-friendly packaging that can be reused, recycled, or returned.

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