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Yoga for health, purification, peace, and harmony

Coming in 2024

Origins and Overview

Tibetan Nejang Yoga is a simple, gentle, and safe form of internal yoga transmitted by the great Tibetan monk-scholar and yogi Butön Rinchen Drup བུ་སྟོན་རིན་ཆེན་གྲུབ (1290-1364), taking roots in the Indian Kalachakra tradition and prescribed to patients by Tibetan physicians for centuries to improve health and vitality as well as to support spiritual practice. Consisting of 24 physical exercises that connect the 24 locations of the body (né གནས།) that we train or purify (jang སྦྱང།) with the 24 outer and inner sacred tantric dimensions, it relies on breathwork, self-massage, and meditative concentration to open and purify the channels, balance and refine the subtle energies of the body, sooth the mind, and nourish the inner organs. Nejang Yoga is therefore a complete practice that unifies body, energy, and mind in a holistic fashion, bringing spiritual healing to all aspects of one’s being, including physical and mental health.

The flexibility of this very grounding and transformative practice makes it easily adaptable to a great spectrum of personal needs, body constitutions, and circumstances. It can be effortlessly integrated into a daily routine while taping into deeper states of healing and awareness. All the exercises forming Tibetan Nejang Yoga require no external props and can be performed at a variable speed and in various combinations. A slow approach will allow one to increase and anchor the stillness of their mind while a vigorous practice will contribute in further generating heat and open the channels. Through the massage of the five sense organs and the cultivation of breathing and visualization techniques, the related inner organs and their respective emotions are positively influenced, leading to beneficial therapeutic applications that promote a deep feeling of wellbeing.


Designed to be accessible to people of all ages and physical conditions, the benefits of Tibetan Nejang Yoga are manifold, allowing one to further nourish their yoga practice on a physical, physiological, and energetical level. This internal form of yoga:

  • Improves mobility
  • Maintains joint health
  • Improves body awareness
  • Offers a contemplative, healing, and grounding yoga practice
  • Improves breathing patterns
  • Nurtures a sense of wellbeing
  • Helps getting more familiar with the inner landscape of the subtle anatomy
  • Facilitates the balanced and unobstructed flow of the subtle energies of the body
  • Allows more sustained and undisturbed experiences of deep meditation afterwards
  • Stimulates the parasympathetic nervous system
  • Improves blood circulation

Frequently Asked Questions

How is Tibetan Nejang Yoga performed?

Kůra Růka’s Tibetan Nejang Yoga sessions are commonly performed on the ground on a 2 x 2 meters square mat. A regular yoga mat or carpet can also be used as an alternative.

How do I need to prepare myself?

Tibetan Nejang Yoga being a practice performed in a seated position, practitioners are free to wear any clothing that they deem comfortable. Loose garments are usually preferred.

Are there any contraindications?

While Tibetan Nejang Yoga has been designed to be accessible to people of all ages and physical conditions, the practice is not recommended to pregnant women and individuals with high blood pressure, heart or lung-related diseases due to the breathing retention segments of this internal form of yoga.

How long does a Tibetan Nejang Yoga session last for?

Including the preliminaries, the full practice lasts for about 45 minutes. This can vary to ±10 minutes depending on the speed at which the session is performed.

I am having difficulties sitting cross-legged on the ground, can Tibetan Nejang Yoga be performed on a chair?

All the 24 exercises that constitute Tibetan Nejang Yoga can be adapted and performed while sitting on a chair. Specific instructions for a chair practice are usually given through workshops and private lessons.

What is the best time to practice Tibetan Nejang Yoga?

To take full advantage of the benefits offered by Tibetan Nejang Yoga, it is recommend to practice either in the morning or in the evening, at least two hours before or after any food intake.

Does Kůra Růka offer private one-to-one lessons? If yes, at what cost?

Kůra Růka primarily focuses on workshops for teaching Tibetan Nejang Yoga, and is currently not able to offer private one-to-one lessons to individuals looking for additional guidance. Please refer to the list of upcoming workshops shared further down this page.

I am a wellness centre/retreat centre/yoga studio/meditation circle/community/company owner and would like Kůra Růka to conduct a Tibetan Nejang Yoga workshop. Is it possible?

Yes, Raphaël will certainly be happy to share the benefits of Tibetan Nejang Yoga in such settings. Please get in touch for more information.

Tibetan Nejang Yoga Workshops

Kůra Růka is offering you the unique opportunity to learn the foundations of Tibetan Nejang Yoga and its 24 exercises through an introductory, hands-on workshop. Conducted by Raphaël, this workshop has been designed with flexibility in mind, and will naturally resonate with yoga, meditation, holistic health, and healing arts teachers and practitioners, as well as any individuals cultivating an interest for physical, mental, and spiritual wellness. It has been conceived so the benefits of Tibetan Nejang Yoga could also be shared freely with a wider audience. Upon the completion of this educational program, each participant will be equipped with practical knowledge and tools to start and nourish their own practice. A free booklet (PDF) depicting an detailing the 24 exercises of Tibetan Nejang yoga will also be given.


Workshop outline:

  • I. Yoga in the Tibetan tradition
  • II. Nejang Yoga: Yoga as medicine
  • III. Contraindications
  • IV. Preliminaries
  • V. The actual practice: General instructions and the 24 exercises
2-hours Tibetan Nejang Yoga introductory workshop

RM48 / EUR38 / USD38

  • Participants: 10 pax (max)
  • Location: TBA
  • Language: English

Package for retreat centres, wellness centres, yoga studios

Contact Raphaël for more information

  • Perfect for businesses and organizations of the wellness and hospitality industries looking to offer Tibetan Nejang Yoga sessions to individuals and staff members.

Upcoming Workshops

No scheduled workshops at the moment

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