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A journey back to the inherently shining nature of your Sacred Self



The Cosmic Bones Meditation is an original practice born to offer a safe, healing refuge and space to any individual looking to be guided in the reconnection with their own self, journeying back to their inherently shining nature. It stands as an introspective pilgrimage into the Heart, designed to facilitate an essential, symbiotic reunion with Nature and its soul, lost in the depths of the current World of Separation. Through the cultivation of a holistic approach (‘Cosmic’ for the spiritual, universal, invisible, and eternal ; ‘Bones’ for the physical, personal, perceptible, and ephemeral), a new environment opens itself, conducive to the unlocking, understanding, and honouring of the multilayerity and impermanence of the silences that color the sacredness of Life. From reframing and manifestation, new and liberating pathways emerge and blossom while leaving behind past realities, hindrances, and paradigms, allowing you to anchor yourself deeply in the Sacred Presence you heart already knows.


Focusing on expanding rather than constricting the seven layers of existence (body, breath, mind, intellect, memory, ego, self), these introspective, and self-compassionate explorations of your own being stand as a safe bridge leading to the encounter of the presence and crystallization of your inherent shining nature, breaking free from negative patterns. Cosmic Bones Meditations are an invitation to enter stillness and embrace silence, until both collapse to reveal and reconnect to the eternal essence of your being. Through the different phases of this 1h30 practice, you will be given the ability to be more in tune with the sacred rhythms of Life and Nature, while helping you to reach and cultivate a state of inner balance and harmony.

The Cosmic Bones Meditation practice was crafted to be profoundly rooted in ecospiritual consciousness principles:

  • Tending: Being awake and conscious with deep, inner self reflection;
  • Dwelling: Being with the seen and unseen;
  • Reverence: Rediscovering the mystery presents in all creation and its embodied sense of the sacred;
  • Connectedness: Cultivating an organic relationship with the Universe;
  • Sentience: Cultivating a sense of knowing;


The practice gravitates around four main themes:

  • Entering a new reality through introspective exploration and growth;
  • Environmental reawakening;
  • Finding a new rhythm in tune with the essence of Life;
  • Manifestation of a healing environment;


The essence of Cosmic Bones Meditations articulates itself around four phases, constituting the core of the practice:

  • Contemplative walk (preliminary phase)
  • Slow prostration (opening phase)
  • Formless meditation (main phase)
  • Self-massage (closing phase)



The preliminary phase of the Cosmic Bones Meditation practice is a contemplative walk, meant to facilitate reconnection, reflection, release, and revitalization. Taking place in mountains and forests – the mandalas of the Universe – and usually done barefoot and in complete silence, those introspective, slow paced journeys guide you to cultivate clarity and presence of body, mind, and space. Upon entering Nature’s womb, a process of purification and ego-death begins through the weaving of an intimate cocoon, giving way to the emergence of the reality your Sacred Self knows is true. Throughout the ascending and descending phases of your walk, a space is created to allow a reunion with the essence of Life. A seed is planted, resulting in the birth and nourishment of a deep bond between the shining essence of your own self and Nature, which then further expands to finally dissolve and merge itself back into the Universal Consciousness.



All meditation sessions begin start with one, mindful, and very slow prostration intended to lay the foundations of your practice and set your intention. This preliminary phase will gradually help you move into a state of high frequency that will guide you throughout the main meditation phase.



The main meditation phase is based on a non-dualistic, non-dogmatic approach, taking root in a formless, silent, and grounded journey inspired and nourished by Buddhist and Daoist traditions. It is therefore objectless and goes through four different stages meant to open gateways from a physiological and psychological perspective: Alignment (adjusting), Relaxation (settling), Stilness (anchoring), and Absorption (focusing). Sitting is done in full acceptance and detachment, letting the stream of Life flows through the emptiness of your body and mind in an equanimous way, giving space for the manifestation of a field of countless possibilities. The Burmese posture is here preferred, as it tends to suit a large spectrum of different individuals thanks to its accessibility. Hands are generally placed in a zǐwǔ jué 子午訣 mudra, designed to promote Qi circulation and connect the meridians by sealing the body. Doing so prevents energy leakage and helps to further cultivate the energetic breath that fills everything between Heaven and Earth.


IV. SELF-MASSAGE (10 minutes)

The practice ends with a short and brisk self-massage of several parts of the body, intended to further release blockages and negative emotions, promote good Qi circulation, and help you reemerge into your new reality.

Frequently Asked Questions

How is the Cosmic Bones Meditation performed?

The Cosmic Bones Meditation has been designed to be practiced both individually and in groups. A collective practice will usually offer a totally new dimension and unique energy. Kůra Růka often facilitate meditation circles, run on a donation basis (see further below for more information).

How long does a Cosmic Bones Meditation practice last for?

The full practice (contemplative walk, slow prostration, formless meditation, and self-massage) lasts for about 1h30.

How do I need to prepare myself?

Practitioners are discouraged from eating a heavy meal or listening to music before engaging in such meditation in order to fully immersed themselves into the experience. Wearing comfortable, loose garments are usually preferred.

Are there any contraindications?

The Cosmic Bone Meditation has been designed to be accessible to people of all ages and physical conditions.

I wish to further practice the Cosmic Bones Meditation on my own but do not have access to nature near me. Can the practice be adjusted?

The practice of Cosmic Bones Meditation remains very flexible and can be easily adjusted. For individuals that do not have access to forests or mountains, the priliminary phase of the practice (Contemplative walk) can be omitted. Note that if the meditation is done at home, it is recommended to meditate in a dedicated place to build up an energetic signature conducive to the nourishment of your practice.

What is the best time to practice the Cosmic Bone Meditation?

To take full advantage of the benefits offered by the Cosmic Bones Meditation, it is recommend to practice either in the morning or afternoon at least two hours before or after any food intake.

Does Kůra Růka offer private one-to-one guidance?

Kůra Růka primarily focuses on public events for sharing the Cosmic Bones Meditation practice (see list of upcoming meditation circles shared further down this page). However, private one-to-one lessons can be offered to individuals looking for additional guidance depending on the situation. For more information, please contact Raphaël directly.

I am a wellness centre/retreat centre/yoga studio/meditation circle/community/company owner and would like Kůra Růka to facilitate a Cosmic Bones Meditation circle. Is it possible?

Yes, Raphaël will certainly be happy to share the benefits of the Cosmic Bones Meditation in such settings. Please get in touch for more information.

Upcoming Meditation Circles

All meditation circles facilitated by Kůra Růka are run on a donation basis. Being a non-dualistic and non-dogmatic approach, everyone is welcome to join regardless of their faith, believes, or spiritual practice. They are usually limited to 10 participants to better foster a sense shared connectedness.


No meditation circle scheduled at the moment.

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